Caramel Cheesecake

By: Galit Benggio

Prep Time

30 Minutes

Cooking Time

45 Minutes




900g Chevington soft cheese
4 eggs
200ml whipping cream
200g digestive biscuits
80g butter
200g sugar
60g flour
2 tbsp vanilla sugar
Lieber’s Dulce de leche
Gefen Hazelnut & Almond brittle



  1. Crush biscuits and melt butter. Mix together and press it down in a lined round baking dish.
  2. Refrigerate it whilst you make the mixture.
  3. Whip soft cheese with vanilla sugar and normal sugar.
  4. Add in the eggs 1 by 1 followed by the flour.
  5. Add the last remaining ingredient, whipping cream.
  6. Put the mixture into the ready-made pie crust from the fridge and bake it at 180•C 35-45 mins.
  7. Once completely cooled down decorate with Liebers dulce de leche and sprinkle hazelnut and almond brittle on the side.
  8. Keep refrigerated!