Your needs; our priority. We offer an unparalleled shopping experience, supplying you with all your kosher needs, and more, under one roof. Preparing for a big event or Chag is hassle-free when you can find all your ingredients (including those with special dietary requirements), order food platters, pick the decor and select the perfect wine, all in one shot. Just write your list, fill your trolley and you’re all set. And don’t forget to buy yourself a well-deserved lunch on the way out.

Munch n Crunch

There’s nothing like tucking into a fresh salad… which took you no time to prepare!

Choose from our mouthwatering selection of fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads, quiches, soups, snacks and more, designed to satisfy your hunger on the go. Left your lunch at home? Catching a flight? We prepare for your every eventuality, producing nutritious food-to-go on-site daily. 

Custom Platters: Order from our wide range of customizable platters, adding delicious elegance to your event.

Nutty Chocolatier: Add some indulgence to your day with our range of handmade, high-quality chocolate treats.

For orders and enquiries please email [email protected]

Sushi Haven

Watch our sushi chefs prepare your order or pick your favourite from our fully-stocked fridge. Rolls, sashimi, sushi sandwiches and pizzas, poke bowls and party platters; the options are endless. Enjoy fresh and delicious sushi, made from the highest-quality ingredients, without having to make an extra stop.

Candy Corner

No more dragging your uncooperative children along while you shop. Now they’ll be begging to come! Our Candy Corner boasts the largest pick n mix selection in town, keeping your children entertained just gazing wide-eyed at all their options. Indulge and treat yourself too – it’s important to nurture your inner child 😉

Make someone’s day or enhance their simcha with a colourful gift. Our prepared and self-assembled arrangements are perfect for any occasion.

Party in Colour

Helium balloons for any occasion, with party accessories to match. Add the finishing touches to your celebration with themed tablecloths, confetti, serviettes and even candles. Find a balloon with the perfect message to brighten up someone’s day and make them feel special.

Wine Kingdom

Enhance your Shabbat table with the perfect bottle from our extensive selection of kosher wines and spirits. We stock the finest range from around the globe to add the finishing touch to your Simcha, event or family dinner. 

Delightfully Fresh

Freshly picked? Or ready to cook? Get your vegetables whichever way you like.  Our fully stocked greengrocery aims to make life easier for busy people. You can cook large quantities in half the time with our extensive range of ready peeled and cut vegetables. Quality fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered daily, with special additions before the chagim. Exotic fruits for Tu B’shvat, simanim for Rosh Hashana and maror for Pesach (pre-peeled and grated too). We even sell grated potatoes for your Chanukah latkes 

South African

We want our South African customers to feel right at home (even when it’s raining) so we stock all your national favourites. You’ll be feeling nostalgic filling your trolley with Simba chips, Flings, Safari dry fruit, honeycomb, Ina Paarman Range, biltong, boerwors, droewors and more. Even our English customers have discovered a love for South African delicacies. Howzit!

Special Diets

Gluten-free? Sugar-free? You’ll be amazed at how many choices you have. Food intolerances can hugely limit your diet, but we open up your options with a wide range of delicious products manufactured with your health in mind.


Pasta, crackers, flour, pitta bread and fresh challah for Shabbat.


Breads, crackers, pastas, cereals, snacks, baking ingredients, cake mixes and frozen food. We even sell gluten-free donuts on Chanuka!


Biscuits, cakes, confectionery, syrups, sauces and spreads