Ways To Maintain a Diet over Yomim Tovim

Whether you are on a specific diet like the Atkins, Paleo or Keto diets, or just eating healthily, it can be incredibly challenging to stick to, especially on Yomim Tovim. These holidays are often centred around meals and doughnuts, latkes, kugel, cheesecake and desserts galore.  They can be almost impossible to resist, often causing your diet plan to go out the window.


Sticking to a diet can be less challenging when you know the common roadblocks that may sabotage your efforts, and if you are aware of how to overcome them. To help you avoid giving in to the temptation of breaking your diet, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you stay on track, eat healthier and maintain your diet.


Motivate yourself:

Reminding yourself why you’re on a diet and the reason behind why you are making healthy choices can be a significant motivating factor and help you stay on course. Make a list of the specific reasons why you want to maintain the diet and keep it handy to refer to when you’re tempted to eat something you shouldn’t.


Choose foods you love:

By finding and eating healthy foods that you love to eat, you will dramatically increase your chances of succeeding on your diet.

Track and monitor your progress:

It can be beneficial to log your daily intake into a diet tracker or journal to provide you with the motivation to continue losing weight. This will also help you stay accountable for your weight loss and stick to your diet.


Avoid temptation:

Being surrounded by unhealthy foods can make it especially challenging to keep to a diet. This problem is easily solved by simply removing these items from your house and replacing some food with healthier, more low-fat options. Stock up your kitchen with healthy snacks and fruits to eat when you’re hungry.


Don’t have an all or nothing approach:

Don’t allow one bad decision to derail your entire day. Rejecting the idea of judging a day as good or bad can prevent you from making poor choices and overall more satisfied and less frustrated.


Have substitutes:

Whatever your weakness, find a substitute or alternative healthy food that will satisfy your cravings when they inevitably occur. This can be achieved by making healthier substitutes such as sorbet instead of ice-cream for desserts.


Treat yourself:

It’s ok to occasionally treat yourself without feeling guilty about it! The key is to have a good relationship with food and be able to enjoy cheat foods, as long as it’s in moderation. This won’t derail your diet but will satisfy your sweet craving. Especially on Yom Tov when there is so much unhealthy food available.


Breaking old unhealthy habits is not easy and will take a huge amount of motivation and persistence. But some of the strategies above may give you a significant advantage in losing weight and sticking to your diet– especially over Yom Tov when so much unhealthy food is readily available.