Rarest and Most Unique Foods

Rarest and Most Unique Foods

It’s time to take a trip around the world and delve into the weird and unique food that belong to different cultures. There are countless pungent, bizarre and just plain scary foods out there, some of which are incredibly rare. Here are some of the weirdest, most expensive and intriguing eats from all corners of the globe. 


White truffle

Just a few shavings of this delicacy can cost hundreds of pounds. The reason truffles are so expensive is because they cannot easily be planted, farmed or harvested and can be incredibly difficult to locate. These fungi grow underground and pigs and dogs have been traditionally used to hunt them. 



Although generally costing only a few pounds, some rare watermelons are in such high demand that they can cost thousands of dollars to buy. 

  • Densuke watermelons: these are considered the most expensive watermelon in the world and was once sold in an auction in Japan for $6100. The quality of sweetness and taste is much higher than other melons which is partly the reason for its exuberant price.
  • Yubari watermelons: they are also exceedingly expensive. Known as having a much sweeter taste, one of these watermelons can sell for up to $5000 and are highly sought after. 


Edible gold

Pure gold can be pounded down until it is about 1/ 8,000 of a millimetre thick. The gold can then be brushed onto confectionery, chocolate and other goods to make a dish look more glamorous and expensive.


Birds nest soup:

You wouldn’t think that a bird’s nest is edible, but the Chinese use Swifts’ nest to make a soup known as the ‘Caviar of the East’. The birds make their nests predominantly out of their saliva. These nests can only be collected about 3 times a year and they are generally built in coastal caves and it can be very treacherous to collect them. This makes this dish one of the most expensive animal products consumed by humans. One bowl of this soup can carry the hefty price tag of $30 to $100. 



Indigenous to West Africa, but most commonly associated with Jamaica where it is the national fruit, ackee can cause severe vomiting if eaten before it is fully ripe. This is because of a poison it contains called hypoglycin. 



The harvesting process plus its distinct flavour make this the most valuable spice available on the world market, and by weight is worth more than gold. It is extremely labour intensive to produce and is highly sought after. 



Caviar, salted eggs from the fish species sturgeon and some other kinds of fish, is considered one of the most expensive delicacies in the world, but not all caviar are so highly-priced. The cost depends on factors such as the type of fish and the time it takes to manufacture them. Kosher caviar is available from fish including the Black Whitefish Caviar and salmon.