Purim is a Yom Tov that the Jews celebrate every year in the Spring on the 14th or 15th day of Adar. The literal meaning of the word ‘Purim’ means ‘lots’  which Haman had used to determine the day on which he would carry out his plan to kill the Jews. We celebrate the fact that his plan was abolished and the Jews were saved.

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It all started in Shushan in the 4th century BCE. The Beis Hamikdash that stood in Yerushalayim was destroyed more than 50 years earlier. The Jews were living under the rule of Achashaveirosh who was king in Persia at the time and ruled over 127 provinces and everything seemed great. 

Along came Haman Prime Minister to King Achashveirosh. He concocted a wicked plan to wipe out all the Jews from the entire Kingdom.

Little did he know about a tzaddik named Mordechai, who led the Jews in prayer and fasting to daven to Hashem to overturn this evil decree. His cousin Esther who was queen at the time made a private party for Haman and Achasheirosh. She begged Achashveirosh to change the decree and stop the madness that was about to unfold. Achashveirosh agreed and to the Jews delight, Haman was hung on the very gallows that he had prepared to hang Mordechai.

Purim is the day that we celebrate this tremendous victory for the Jewish nation.

We commemorate the day before Purim by fasting and praying just like our forefathers did. This day is known as Taanis Esther. At the conclusion of the fast, men, women and children go and hear the reading of Megillas Esther dressed in their fancy costumes. When we hear Haman’s name in the Megila being read, the congregation break out their graggers and foghorns to stamp out his name.

On the day of Purim, while it is a party atmosphere there are some specific mitzvos that are carried out. These are:

  1. Mishloach Manos – Giving two ready to eat food packages to one person.
  2. Matonas L’evyonim – Giving Tzedaka to two different poor people on Purim day.
  3. Reading the Megilla – Megillat Esther is read once in the night and once in the day.
  4. Seudas Purim – A festive meal where we wash for Challa, eat delicious food, sing and drink wine.


Purim is a time to celebrate a day like no other it is a festive and joyous time where spirits are high. You will find adults and children alike dressed in fancy costumes running around delivering Mishloach Manos and collecting money.  The street are buzzing as music is played and wine is flowing. Parties carry on late into the night celebrating this awesome victory to the Jews who instead of being killed, wiped out their enemies instead. 

Wishing you all a happy Purim!