We celebrate our miraculous freedom from Egypt with the most beautiful festive 8 days of Pesach. It is a significant Yom Tov, widely celebrated across the board. Where we all sit in the comfort of our homes, with delicious food and drink, dressed in our finery, regaling the amazing story and wonders which G-d performed for us in Egypt and culminating in our freedom.


As a reminder of the unleavened bread that the Jews ate coming out of Egypt. We remove and we refrain from eating all chametz (any flour and water left to rise) throughout all 8 days of Pesach. 


The Story


It all began in Egypt (aka Mitzrayim) the Jews were kept in slavery for many years under the heavy hand of King Pharoah. Enough was enough it was time to put an end to it. Moshe came to Pharoah and offered him a chance to ‘let the Jews go’ but Pharoah said ‘NO NO NO I will not let you go’ thus began the amazing story of the 10 plagues. Blood, frogs, lice, wild animals, illness of animals, boils, hailstones, darkness and the death of all firstborns. 


After each one of the terrifying plagues, Pharoah practically begged Moshe to make them stop and promised to let the Jews go. But he broke his promise each time until the last one where he practically chased them out, in the dead of night in his pyjamas!!!! 


The Jews had no time to do anything, only enough time to make the dough gather their belongings and run. We ran out with the dough on our back and walked away to our freedom which is how we get our delicious crunchy food called MATZA!


To ensure we don’t forget these hardships and miracles that our ancestors went through. The first two nights of Pesach we have a seder, where we stay up late into the night, working our way through the Haggada talking about Egypt and regaling stories to the next generation.


To prepare for this wonderful Yom Tov the entire household meticulously cleans the house from top to bottom ensuring there is no Chametz to be found. We cover up our kitchen changing utensils and pots to cook/bake chametz free food to enjoy over Yom Tov. There are plenty of amazing recipes to accommodate our 8-day special chametz free diet. 


There are a few days in between the first and last days of Pesach called Chol Hamoed (intermediate weekday days)  where we are meant to have fun and relax. Families throng to theme parks, zoos, parks – anywhere fun! Armed with matza sandwiches, fruit, crisps and drinks. Fun is had by all!


Here at Kosher kingdom, we turn over our whole shop for Pesach. From after Purim, in preparation for this season, we stock a huge selection of kosher l’Pesach products and ingredients. Ranging from matza, wine, cooking and baking ingredients, ready to eat biscuits/cakes, cleaning products and much much more. Step inside and see what we have to offer….


Pesach is a time to reflect what we have been though as a nation and to discuss the stories and miracles that were bestowed upon us as a nation. The story of Pesach is a cornerstone of the Jewish religion and from after Purim, you can see crowds of Jews from all corners of London throng to Kosher Kingdom to stock up on chametz free supplies. From everyone at Kosher Kingdom, we wish you a Happy Pesach.