Kosher On A Budget

Kosher on a budget?! No way! You probably just said to yourself.  

However contrary to popular belief, you can in fact keep kosher on a budget and it isn’t as  tricky as you think.  

An important point to note before we get into the depth of this blog, is that if you are in any  doubt whatsoever regarding kashrut, your local rabbi or rebetzin are on hand to assist with  any questions you may have.  

Now let’s delve deep into the topic. 

Yes, it is true that Kosher food does cost more than the average ‘non-kosher food basket’,  therefore don’t be naive to the fact, you will be paying a premium for kosher food. Although, it certainly doesn’t need to break the bank, and can be done on a budget. 

In a study comparing the prices of five meat products of UK kosher butchers,  delicatessens and supermarkets, with five meat products from popular chain Tesco, it was  found that all five meat products were double the price at the kosher stores compared with  Tesco.  

We would like to importantly point out that these five meat products were all fresh cuts of  meat.  

We also guess that due to the fact you are reading this blog post, there is a good chance  you already know the steep costs associated with kosher meat, and well, just kosher food  in general.  


We will also assume that you are here for the tips and tricks about how to dodge the  excessive costs of kosher food. Are we right? 

Would it excite you to know that we can provide you some inside information whereby you  can potentially cut your kosher shopping costs by around 20% or more? 

Stick around, and we will spill all the jewish gossip on how to get you the most from your  money.  

On average, it costs a kosher, meat-eating, jewish family of four, £186 a week on  groceries, compared to just £92 a week for a non-kosher, meat-eating household of four  people.  

Firstly, we are going to reiterate that it is fresh kosher meat that is substantially more  expensive, and not the frozen variety.  

Ah-ha you may say! Tell me more… 

There are quite a few benefits of purchasing frozen kosher meat, notably, it can last years  before it needs to be consumed (it’s always good to have meat stored for a rainy day) and  the most relevant benefit of frozen kosher meat is, the price tag.  

Quite often, you will find that the meat in the frozen section is cheaper than the meat in the  fresh section as well as, vegetables and fruit, savoury and sweet items.  

So tip number one, buying frozen food, can and most likely will, save you money. 

Tip number two. There is no shame in asking a shop assistant if they are going to put any  food items on sale.

Tip number three. Buy in bulk. If you buy meat in bulk you will more often than not, save a  lot. Start by asking around or researching local and reputable kosher wholesalers. A way to  get even more bang for your buck, is consider splitting the bulk purchases with other  kosher families near you, and this way you can save more.  

Extending from tip number three, don’t forget to buy kosher food in bulk that is on  promotion at your local store. As you can just freeze the products you won’t be consuming  that week, and save your pennies. This applies to all products that are able to be frozen  and not just meat.  

Tip number four. Cut out meat from your diet and go vegetarian. Or, allocate certain days  of the week as ‘meat free days’. Excessive amounts of meat, especially red meat, is  particularly unhealthy, so by cutting your weekly intake, you will not only be saving money  but you will also be improving your health. There are so many meat alternatives out there  nowadays that are cheaper than real meat, so this lifestyle can be readily adhered by. 

Tip number five. DO NOT throw away leftovers. If you have a dish of lets say, chicken and  rice and not all the chicken is eaten, use the chicken in a meal the next day and this way it  saves you buying more meat than is necessary. Also, falling under the same umbrella as  not throwing away left overs, is do not throw away food that can be used for other  purposes. For example, you can use a raw carcass of a whole chicken you bought, for  next weeks chicken soup. Just freeze it.  

Finally, tip number six. Make your meat go further. You can do this by simply filling dishes  with other, cheaper ingredients such as more carbohydrates and more vegetables. Here is  an example, you could make a beef stir fry with more noodles, carrots and beansprouts  and less beef. 

Less meat = more money saved. Tick! 

At Kosher Kingdom we have a wide range of products suitable to everyone’s budget. Don’t forget  to rummage around our frozen section and check out our current offers as you can often  grab yourself a bargain. 

We almost forgot, now for the absolute final tip.  

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You never know, this way you may save even more on your weekly shop!  Thank us later.