Getting Ready For Pesach

Cleaning for Pesach is normally a mammoth operation carried out by Jewish women across the world. This is all in preparation for Yom Tov where we are obligated to remove chametz from our house. The problem starts when you realise food could have been eaten anywhere throughout the home.  The good news is that this is not as bad as it sounds and you can get your spring cleaning done at the same time.


But one should realise that cleaning for Pesach is not just a spring clean. Although many of us like to take the time to sort and get rid of some of our things.


Knowing exactly what we are obligated to clean makes it less of a chore and doesn’t need to take a long time


 What are we obligated to clean?


We are careful to remove any chometz that may cause a person to mistakenly eat or get benefit from during the days of Pesach. We do not need to remove chometz that are tiny crumbs, contaminated or spoilt.


The easiest method of cleaning the home is starting from the top of the house and working your way down. 


Many people do go away for Pesach and do not need to clean their homes, they can lock all their doors and sell all their chametz. Even if you are going to be home you do not have to clean any rooms you are not using. You may lock and sell these rooms and any remaining rooms that will be used need to be cleaned.


Bedikat chametz


Every person needs to perform Bedikat Chametz wherever they are even if they are not home. Rooms that you don’t usually bring chametz in to need to be minimally cleaned because the chances of finding real chametz are slim. Rooms which children are allowed to eat in are likely to contain chametz.


The evening before Pesach when the house is all cleaned up the father together with his family search for any hidden chametz that may have been left out. A blessing is said and the father of the house uses a feather, candle and a spoon to search for the chametz. He needs to check all the places in the house that are most likely to contain chametz. In order to not say a blessing for nothing there is a custom to hide 10 pieces of wrapped bread for him to find. Make sure you write down where you have hidden them though!!!


Burning the Chametz


On the morning before Pesach, any chametz that was found and any chametz that was not sold, including the 10 pieces of wrapped bread are burnt outside in a small fire. 


From around this time in the morning we stop eating Chometz and we start the final preparations for Pesach. 


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We look forward to seeing you in Kosher Kingdom and hope you have a Happy Pesach