Best Travel Destinations to Keep Kosher

Travelling, although enjoyable, can be incredibly stressful, and this is often exacerbated by the worry of the availability of Kosher food at the holiday destination. But travellers are often surprised that you can typically find Kosher food across the world- even in cities with smaller Jewish communities. To help you make the most of your holidays, we have compiled a list of the top travel destinations to keep kosher. 


Israel is, without a doubt, the most ideal travel destination for Kosher travel. It boasts the greatest concentration of Kosher restaurants and hotels, with many markets, restaurants and supermarkets being Kosher; especially in the capital. Even the national airline El Al serves kosher food on board the flight. You can enjoy traditional Middle Eastern and Israeli food in the countless Kosher restaurants in Jerusalem and across the country, making Israel the perfect place for any Kosher traveller.


The US is another top destination for Jews to access Kosher food while travelling. Being the home to the largest Jewish population after Israel in the world, over 40% of all food products are labelled as Kosher. States with a high number of Jews, such as New York, New Jersey and Florida offer a wide variety of places to dine out, as well as many Kosher supermarkets. Restaurants and Kosher supermarkets are abundant in locations with a large number of Jews, such as Miami, the Five Towns, Brooklyn and Midtown New York. 


The Jewish community of Gibraltar makes up around 2% of the small population of over just over 30,000 inhabitants. With an almost entirely orthodox Jewish community, there is a modest range of restaurants, shops and schools catering to the community, all clustered together. There are four beautiful and ornate shuls which are in regular use and are open to the public to visit. The country also boasts beautiful scenery, with chances to climb the Rock of Gibraltar, the opportunity to see dolphins and apes and visit gorgeous beaches. 


With a Jewish population of half a million, France has no shortage of Kosher restaurants and supermarkets. There are over 250 restaurants dispersed across the capital and its suburbs, with no less than 50 Kosher sushi bars in Paris alone. Some of the best places to visit for Kosher goods are the Marais Quarter, Voltaire Quarter and the 19th arrondissement. With an abundance of bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, butchers and more, Paris is an ideal travel destination to keep Kosher. 


Kruger National park in South Africa offers Kosher catering for all Jewish guests. With its wide variety of animals and birdlife, it offers everything from guided walking tours, open vehicle drives and the chance to see free-roaming wildlife including lions, rhinos and elephants. Luxury Kosher Safari offers milchig and fleishig Glatt Kosher meals, and the company even offers to hire a freelance Kosher chef, a small team of assistants and a mashgiach to cook your food. There is also a large availability of Kosher food in Johannesburg and Cape Town, as they contain large Jewish populations.